Reason for publication

Tarana Caitanya is often leading kirtans in ISKCON centers, and leading kirtan is considered public position. Prabhupada wanted first class men to represent him. Also listeners who attend Tarana Caitanya kirtans should be aware of his qualifications and disqualifications in order to be able to decide if they want to attend his programs or not.

Women hunter

Tarana Caitanya’s first wife is Bhadravati (disciple of Krishna Ksetra Swami) from Tuzla, he had a son with her, and son is currently in elementary school. According to principles of Krishna consciousness and even according to principles of mundane society, leaving wife and small child is considered low class.

Tarana Caitanya’s second girlfriend was Nityananda Kari devi dasi (disciple of Sacinandana Swami (currently married, lives in Radhadesh College)

Nityananda Kari devi dasi

Tarana Caitanya’s third girlfriend was Jaya Gopi devi dasi (disciple of Radhanath Swami), they were together for couple of years, currently married, her husband is from Iran, she lives in Sarajevo and has a baby).

Tarana Caityana’s fourth girlfriend is Lilavati dasi (disciple of Sacinandana Swami), they were together for couple of years, currently married to Saranga Thakura, lives in Dubrovnik)

Tarana Caitanya’s fifth girlfriend is  bhn. Karakuma, Slovenia, they were together for couple of years, they were engaged, she was waiting for him while he was in prison, he left her because of dread lock yogini.

Currently, he is married to Tamara Kleva, dreadlocks yogini which makes it together 7 girlfriends, pretty impressive, even for a dog level.

Drug dealer bliss

Before he went to jail, devotees in Split caught him packing drugs for resale. They forbid him to give lectures and bhajans, and he cursed their mother telling them how shallow they are because they are seeing only the externals.

Evidence check

All information presented in this article can be easily verified by any senior member of ISKCON in Split.

And of course, you can contact Tarana Caitanya personally.

If you find any discrepancies in this evidence, please leave comment or contact us through email.




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